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What is Code Journeys?

It’s an inclusive learning community for developers and for any person who would like to be a developer soon.

A bunch of friendly people – from newbies to experienced developers – who are supporting each other along the way.

The mission is to inspire everyone to succeed in technology careers.

The Story

I started CodeJourneys as shared space for my mentees.

Almost 2 years ago I was volunteering as dev mentor and I thought it could be useful to create a Slack channel for my mentees to share resources, exercises and some relevant information.

The little community has grown faster than expected and a lot of amazing people have joined us.

Recently other mentors joined the community and some volunteers are helping me to manage the communication and the educational aspects.

What do we offer

As you know, most of the people are learning to code by theirselves – maybe you as well. There are a bunch of available free and paid resources on the internet that offer amazing and informative tutorials, video courses, excersizes etc.

We love them, too.  But what we love more: to share and support.

The majority of these courses do not offer mentoring or available support, so the learning process can become lonely and sometimes boring.

Not getting feedback and answers to your questions can cause disappointment and discouragement, and this is where we want to pop in the picture!

Join us

No matter where you’re learning, where you come from.

Join us and attend the live events, offer and get support anytime, be a mentee or a mentor, share your initiatives or just get to know other nice and friendly people.